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Neart Na Gaoithe

450MW renewable energy

Neart na Gaoithe (NnG) has the potential to generate 450 MW of renewable energy, which is enough power to supply around 375,000 Scottish homes, and will offset over 400,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. Iv-Offshore & Energy performed the detailed engineering and procurement services for the two (2) NnG alternating current (AC) offshore substations. NnG is a 50:50 joint venture owned by EDF Renewables UK and ESB. As a subcontractor of HSM, Iv-Offshore & Energy performed the detailed design and procurement of all Piping, Auxiliary and HVAC equipment, as well as the integration of the high voltage equipment. Iv-Consult, a sister company of Iv-Offshore & Energy, produced the required structural shop drawing for both platforms.

Technical data

Client: EDF Energy Renewables (EDF-ER)

OSS Topside (lxwxh): 36 x 26 x 20 m
Jacket height: 41 m + height of the buckets 12 m

OSS Topside: 1200 mT
Jacket: 1261 mT
Water Depth variation between (-)28.6m and (-)29.8m
No. of Offshore Substations: 2
No. Of WTG’s: 54 x 8.4 MW
Power Capacity: 450 MW
Accommodation: 12 POB
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