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Large scale hydrogen production

PosHYdon will be the world’s first pilot for offshore hydrogen production and transmission on a working platform. The project is seen as a stepping-stone towards large scale, far offshore hydrogen production, which will be necessary after 2030. Iv-Offshore & Energy will define the requirements for the electrolyser system to fit the offshore application. A series of adaptations are required to accommodate the electrolysis system at the Q13-A platform. Iv-Offshore & Energy will also provide the engineering for the necessary platform modifications and the system integration to facilitate offshore hydrogen production.


Technical data

Client: Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO)
Platform operator: Neptune Energy

Type: PEM electrolyser
Nr. of Cell stacks: 1
Input power: 1 MW
Water consumption: 300l/h
Hydrogen flow: 246Nm3/hr
Hydrogen purity: 99.998%
Outlet pressure: 30 barg
Footprint: 2 x 40ft stacked containers
Lifting weight: <20 tonnes ( 2 x 20ft cont)
Cable: 9 MVA, 25kV
Production: 400 kg/day
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